Male, 49
Thursday, 30 April 2020

i did not have to work today and my wife did so i visited my neighbor and its a nice day in the midwest and she has her windows open and i was having s*x with her in her bedroom and noticed in a reflection off her dresser one of her neighbors standing not far away and i think she was listening to us having s*x. younger girl in her 20s but i don't think she could see us. i c*m inside my neighbor and we just layed there holding each other. but after i looked outside the window and her neighbor was not there but i know they have seen me doing her yardwork but i am not sure is she knew it was me having s*x with her. still have not told my neighbor i love her and just not sure i will. we kiss during s*x but other than that no. i know i should not be doing this but i feel its been helping her get through this crazy time in this world. i am still laying on her bed n*de while she takes a shower.