Male, 49
Monday, 01 June 2020

This weekend was the first weekend i did not have any s*x with my neighbor. i admit it is very hard to stop when a had a couple of chances this weekend friday and sunday but i fought myself over it and only had some great s*x with my wife. the neighbor spent the day with her bf and even though i was jealous when i heard him bring her home sunday morning i think its time for me to back off and let her get on with her life. i care alot about her and i love that when she needed someone it was me. the s*x got even more pa*sionette the more she trusted me. i had and well as for right now still have the perfect set up during the weekly yardwork. now i know this would be looked down on because i did cheat on my wife but my neighbor was lonely with alot of anxiety. at first she would not remove her clothes to have s*x. the first two times there was not even any kissing. but the first time we had s*x she closed her eyes and the look on her face was relief. i did not cheat because of my marriage i did it because i have got to know my neighbor over time and i just wanted to be there for her even with something this private. i am mainly avoiding her because i don't think i am strong enough to say no to her if she does come to me again which she has a few times. i am hoping things develop with her bf and we can still talk but i hope my wife or her family never find out. will miss the s*x almost everytime it was during the yardwork and we would have s*x when we could have been caught by my wife at any time. but hopefully she continues on with her life and i do not want to get in the way.