Male, 49
Thursday, 23 July 2020

Off the rails lately. aside from the fact that i feel alone in this world it has been helping me to have risky s*x. i snuck off to a mens bathhouse this morning and was not many men there and they have the mask requirement also of course but not even 10 minutes after i get there i get in my room take off my clothes and a much older guy with a hard cock walks up to me and of course i gave him a complete blow job. some in my mouth the rest on my shoulder. salty and warm. then grabbed a couple c*nd*ms went to the dark room with the swing put my legs in the swing with my a*s up and waited. first a muscular black guy then a younger g*y guy. then they watched me c*m on the padded bench. i always get good s*x when i go to the bathhouse. now i need to take a shower and go to work