Male, 49
Monday, 09 March 2020

i have a much older neighbor whos husband pa*sed away a few years ago and i do her yardwork and housework because she can't do it. yesterday i did a big job and got rid of a tree that fell down in her back yard. much older 60s i believe but she gets lonely. we talk sometimes and i dont think there will ever be s*x but yesterday after i was done and came in to see if she needed anything else and i think i walked in on her pleasing herself. she was in a robe and covered up when i walked in. i think she was embarressed and she is always nice to me there was not any words i slowly took off my clothes and layed on the couch in front of her and let her watch me mas*ur*ate and even though she was covered up i heard her. i let her watch me c*m and then she handed me a towel. she just smiled and said thank you and i sat there totally n*de and smoked a cigarette with her and some small talk. i never planned on that and i dont think there will be s*x but i had s*x with my wife a few hours later when she got home from work thinking about it. i enjoyed it.