Male, 49
Wednesday, 06 May 2020

i am very jealous and really not sure how i am going to handle it. its selfish of me but i woke up early this morning and seen a car parked in my neighbors drive and i went into my backyard and i seen her bedroom light on. i knew i should not have been having s*x with her and knew this was coming eventually. i care for her so much and i have actually fell in love with her even though i know she has only been having s*x with me because of anxiety and it helped calm her. but i can barely even think today and i guess in a way hurt and when i do her yardwork this weekend i am not sure what to even expect or if i say no i hope she does not get hurt or tell my wife. i have tried to say no but it is a huge turn on for me especially that she allows me to have s*x with no c*nd*m on. i hate it that this has happened but i do not regret any of the s*x.