Female, 16
Sunday, 17 May 2020

i think i’m a little. i’m not sure though, as i’ve never gotten the chance to fully try to slip into little space, as my door doesn’t have a lock. normally with my friends and family i’m very responsible and mature, but sometimes i just want to feel small and warm and safe, and just get away from all the stress of my life. i’m really smart and in all advanced cla*ses, so my parents and everyone around me expect a lot from me. i love stuffed animals, cartoons, child-sized snacks and snacks originally for children and just feeling like a small child. i just don’t know and i have no way of testing it, and to add onto it i know my friends will make fun of me and be weirded out. one of my friends suggested i go to an online forum to get it off my chest, so here i am.