Male, 50
Tuesday, 12 October 2021

i have been on a quest to have an a*al orgasm like i did a few months ago and i just paid for a bondage session and was tied to a bed while he f*c*ed me several times. not sure what i just crossed into but during the pain of him thrusting in me i did c*m. i agreed to rough a*al s*x and i paid him $300 bucks what was almost two hours. after he would pull out and c*m on me he would make me s*ck him until he got hard again then f*c* me. he f*c*ed me 4 times and i came twice. then after the last time he untied me and i gave him oral s*x without the c*nd*m. while he was f*c*ing me i heard the maids cart go by and i was grunting and was turned on by the thought of the maid hearing me. it was extremely rough s*x and even told him to stop one time but then he put his hand over my mouth and finished. this was the most i had a*al s*x with someone and i got what i paid for. need to shower off and some mouthwash and go home. even though i am shaking and my legs are weak i loved this❤❤❤❤❤❤