Female, 18
Tuesday, 17 November 2020

I'm having a near 4-year long distance relationship right now. My boyfriend is in America meanwhile I'm in Indonesia. We're both just awkward nerds who fell in love after becoming best friends. We already have plans to move in and live together after I graduate. We're very happy, but sometimes I doubt myself. My financial situation isn't the best and rupiah is infinitesimal compared to U.S. dollars. I'm not sure how I'll ever be able to rack up enough funds to visit America, let alone live there--the life cost's crazy. Sure, his mother offered me to stay at their place once I visit, but I don't want to leech off of her forever. My boyfriend and I need a place of our own eventually. Then after managing to get a place to stay, comes the bills and taxes. Jeez. The virus going on just makes things so uncertain. Even if I do somehow, miraculously get enough money to at least visit, will the virus be permanently gone by the time I do? I hope so. I can't wait to leave this country. Don't get me wrong, I love my country, but I want to spend the entirety of my life with someone I love. I hope it ends soon, and he'll be able to visit me first. Well... I guess in the end I just need to persevere, work hard to be so successful that I'll be able to move in and work there. My boyfriend's existence is already a great motivation, but I just doubt myself too much, probably. Only reason I typed this down is just to let it out. I don't like complaining to my friends or boyfriend. To whoever reading this, especially people going through an international long distance relationship--good luck and bless you. I understand it must be hard, especially in this current time. But I believe in you. Stay safe and have a good one!