Male, 49
Tuesday, 14 April 2020

i just can't say no. my wife went to work early this morning about 2am and i was up and just sitting in my living room underwear and shirt and almost 3am there was a knock on my door. it was my neighbor. i let her in and she asked how i was and i said good and she seen i was hard and i sat down in my chair she pulled off my underwear dropped her robe and got on top and we had s*x again. the cushion on my chair was wet from her c*mming. then i made coffee and she put her robe back on then i stayed n*de and we talked until i went to work. this started almost two months ago before the world went crazy and i just can't tell her no. i love the s*x and her wanting me for it. i love how she looks when she has an orgasm and feel good its because of me.