Female, 17
Monday, 10 August 2020

I have no s*xual experience at all, nor do I have any social skills. It just happens when you're homeschooled and have no real friends, excluding the ones I had online. After reading some DDLG fanfiction... I kind of want to try one out. With some limitations, because I don't think I'd feel comfortable with a few things. My only problem is the two things stated above... and I don't have anyone irl that I know is into that nor is even *into* me. I'm not exactly pretty nor smart nor whatever else good, despite what people say. I feel and look like quite the opposite. So I guess I get to sit on this DDLG thing for a while? I dunno. Honestly if I had any courage at all maybe I'd feel okay with looking for someone to be with, let alone possibly do anything like that with.