Female, 22
Tuesday, 07 January 2020

I got s*xually hera*sed a few Months ago. I can't talk with anyone personally about what had happened to me. But it helps me, to write about it. I went yesterday in an anonymous Chatroom were i could easily talk about this Situation. I met a Guy, who was very polite to and talked very friendly to me. After an longer Time of writing with him, i was able to tell him exactly what happened to me. I almost got raped when i was in the evening on my way home. There are many Details to what has happened to, which i told him but don't want to tell here. He gave me the feeling, that he honestly tried to help me, cause it still bothers me to this Day, since that Day, i feel very unsecure and i am often in fear when i go home late in the evening. That Guy first tried to confort me, but after some Time, he started to als weird questions about my Body and my Clothes and how and where everything has happened. I answered in the Beginning as much as i could but after a few minutes he suggested a Meeting between him and me. I didn't wanted that, cause he was still a Stranger to me. When i started to back away and answered less and less of his Questions, he got angry. He told me, that he and four other Guys would know how to deal with a s... like me and would do it right, not like the Guy who had tried to rape me. He and the other Guys would teach me how to treat a Man and to fulfill all of his needs, regardless what they are. He insulted and threated me, that he would find me. After that, i blocked and reported him, i also deleted my Account and left the Chatroom. I hate Men, who think that Women just want to have Sex and that you can use and do to them what you want. I honestly went with Tears in my Eyes to my Bed and have even now, a hard Time writing this. Sorry at all, who thought that this a another funny or something like that confession, but i needed a place where i could share this.