Female, 32
Friday, 10 January 2020

Last Year, in the Summer, i got s*xually hera*sed when i was on my way Home. It happened in a Train, the Train was very crowded and i was forced to stand because all seats were taken. I got pushed against a Wall by all the People, when i suddenly felt a Hand touching my hip. At first, i didn't thought about it, it happens that you touch other People when the Train is crowded like he was at this evening. I looked up to see that the Hand belonged to a young Guy, perhaps 18 - 20 years old. Normally, People remove their Hands when they realize that they are touching other People, but not that Guy. Even after i looked him directly in his Face, he didn't removed his Hand. He placed himself besides me and put his Arm around my Hips. He further began to caress my back and my sholders until i told him to stop and to leave me alone. But he continued to caress my back and began even to touch my butt. After another "Stop it", i tried to get away from him, but he instead started to hug me and had his Hands feeling allover my Body, he tried to kiss me but i could push him away. Gladly, in this Moment arrived the Train the Station and i left the Train. The Guy didn't follow me. But this was not the worst that happened to me. Somehow, this Event has changed something in me. The coming Days and Nights, i thought a lot about the Situation, i thought, what would have happen, if i hadn't left. How far would this Guy go? It aroused me to think about it, which concerns me. I am a happily married woman with a great Son, good Job and many Friends and Family. I never really thought about cheating my Hubby, even when i had many opportunities. But this was different. I came to the point, where i started to look after that Guy in the Train, but i never saw him again. I have still so many thoughts and seriously don't know what to do or say.