Female, 19
Friday, 07 February 2020

Not a secret. Just want to let things out. I am not the one who been diagnosed with depression or any mental disorder , there is no way to prove without gping to the doctor.i feel empty,dont even know what i want,parents doesnt even care about me.giving you money to study does not mean they care about me.people calling me ungrateful but the thing is i dont even ask to be born.dont get married if you just want to ruin my life.yelling and cursing at me everyday.and expecting to grow up into like other people that is so brilliant and well behaved.you dont even there at my lowest and you called my friends bad influences. FOR FUCK SAKE DONT GET MARRIED. OR DONT HAVE KIDS. im struggling myself and you expect me turn out growing normally after what have you done.you always compare to other people kids,why cant i compare you to other parents. Shit. Everyday im struggling for even to take a breath. Every breath felt so hard.im alone.i got no shoulders to lean on.i got no one.dont tell me im not religious enough.