Female, 28
Thursday, 19 December 2019

‪I don't know how I'm doing it, but I'm living double life by following my feelings. On one side, I have a really intellectual IT developer, different than me. We live together, Sometime I cook, and take care of place, for almost a year.We don't fight, we don't talk, we chat, he's always playing video games, our s*x routine is poor, I'm not getting enough attention, but I don't bother about it. For him i'm innocent smart girl who is obsessed with electronic music and sometimes smoke weed. In the meantime, I do psychedelic, and other drugs, I rave and I'm mélomanie, I truly enjoy everything. I'm secretly hanging out with my childhood friend, we didn't see each other five or more years, I recognise him at the rave last year and then...our first peak, long talks, same pa*sion about dance, chasing full Moon, a lot in common. We built a strong connection between us, me knowing more about his s*xual fantasies as we opening up completely to each other. Seven days before leaving to Netherland, we spent some quality time together. We had romantic moments on the hill, looking at the starry night our track playing in the background , last day we're at my boyfriends place, did ecstasy, listening music we love. Then every touch was like slow tantric s*x sparks, climbing up, all over my body, he teased me with pa*sion. I couldn't control myself craving for more. We f*c*ed slow with little domination. I moaned more than ever, teased. Soaked in wet and sweat, we got even hornier. Three hours of the most s*xiest moments in my life, and three hours before my boyfriends arrives from different country.‬