Male, 49
Monday, 27 April 2020

Sunday did my neighbors yardwork and i was not going to go into her house but once again she left her side door open and even though my wife was home i went in. sometimes we don't even say anything to each other and she was in her kitchen only wearing a long shirt and i come up behind her kissed her kneck and pulled her shirt up and she bent over her kitchen counter i pulled down my shorts and underwear and actually went in her butt and was going to stop but she said it was ok and i gave her a*al s*x for the first time. i did not c*m in her though and pulled up my shorts and told her thank you and she said no thank you with a smile on her face. i still have not told her i love you but my secret is i do. i love it that she is opening up more to me about things like i did not know she liked a*al s*x. i went home showered then had s*x with my wife thinking about it.