Female, 25
Tuesday, 21 April 2020

I'm 25 me and my husband got married 6 years ago. He is working a minimum wage job and we do not have enough money to make ends meet. i have a couple friends from my old school who became hookers and are making a decent wage from it so I reached out to them and they helped me become a hooker. i didn't see anything wrong with it because it was just work for me and I was making enough money to support both me and my husband. the first couple months he became suspicious of where the money was coming from but I got my sister to lie to him and tell him I was working with her at her job. now he doesn't suspect a thing. a couple weeks ago I found out I was pregnant, most of my clients have been black so far and my husband is white so eventually he will find out about my career path... he's very excited at the idea of being a dad so I cant get an abortion, that would break him, but what would also break him is the fact that the baby is not his.....i don't know what to do but I guess time will tell.