Male, 50
Friday, 26 November 2021

just reached a new level with my guy friend. i met him in a public place but drove him to a place i know where yeah there is a possibility of being caught but not likely. we both got naked i put him into my mouth and this time i took it slow enjoying it and hearing him moan turns me on. i always get so hard hearing him i stopped then would go up and down again. then i got on top of him guided him in feeling him hard inside of me i love then i decided to kiss him. we were kissing when he c*m in me. i could feel it shooting in me and dripping out of me. the sound he made was hot. i started to c*m just after. we both were out of breath. i have been having alot of unprotected s*x with him and this morning we reached a new level of s*xual satisfaction.