Male, 49
Sunday, 12 July 2020

i just can't seem to stop. i did my neighbors yardwork yesterday and come back in to my house without seeing her. then this morning early i decided to go outside smoke a cigarette and drink my coffee. i heard her porch door open. she was in that robe with nothing else on. i was already n*de no one can see from the back of my house and yes i got instantly hard. she was smoking a cigarrette and asked why i did not come in yesterday. she actually expects it now. but i went over and we had s*x quietly on a table on her back porch and of course no c*nd*m and i came in her. now in a few hours she will be meeting with people from her church. that is the part i love about her. she is entirely a different person with me when we have s*x its like with me she lets everything out. oral a*al risky s*x. i was surprised when she agreed to a*al s*x a few weeks ago. knowing her before all of this i would have never even guessed. when she gives me oral she loves to lick directly between my thighs and then has swallowed a few times. she is 60 and loves s*x and i feel good she allows me to enjoy some very private moments. yes i am cheating on my wife but i do not regret it because it makes me feel good.