Male, 49
Thursday, 16 July 2020

I let my neighbor watch me have s*x with another man and was not sure how she would react to me being bis*xual and not sure if it was on purpose but this morning her window curtains were open and i seen her boyfriend having s*x with her. i know she has a boyfriend but i honestly hated it. i know i am married plus have s*x with other men but i am still jealous of her boyfriend. i love to be with other men but if she does not want me to be i will stop. my neighbor does not know it or maybe she does but i will do anything for her. hoping i did not screw it up by her watching me having a*al. she has opened up to me about alot of things about s*x and i thought she would like that i shared something so intimate and private with her but right now i am not sure.