Female, 15
Sunday, 20 December 2020

Yes, i know this is going to sound like some egdy "we live in a society" kinda shit, but seriously, think about it. I'm gonna ask you one question: what are you waiting for? Look at everything that's been going on this year, the injustice, the ignorance, everything. Who do you think is going to solve all these stuff? The goverment? Social influencers? Angry teenagers on twitter? Probably someone with way more influence than you, because you are just a nobody, a single drop of water in the middle of a gigantic sea. You are wrong. You are part of this society, too. There's no point waiting for others to do things for you, sitting down on a chair, crossing your arms and saying "someday it'll get better". I know you're suffering because of this unfair society we live in too, for whatever reason, money, education, whatever. Stop thinking that someone will magically appear and solve all our problems; instead, join other people who want the same as you. Look at how many talented young people are out there, we could be doing so much more together! We could change the world, truly! We could fix this world, we could get rid of all these corrupt people that we have to call our superiors, we could give children real, fair education, we could help people out of poverty, and so, so much more! Let's stop thinking about what could go wrong, just think about how wonderful the world will be if it goes right. Riots and protests aren't working anymore, they won't hear us. We need to go beyond, for our sakes. We need to do more, to speak louder, in whatever way we can, art, speeches, posters, riots, and we can't stop, we need them to know that were serious about this. I truly hope you'll take me seriously. I understand if you don't, it's a bit of a crazy idea, i know. But please, i'll ask you to think about this. Think about what you can do with your power and your talents to make a change in society. We need as much people as we can for this to work, even you.