Female, 14
Saturday, 25 January 2020

This is more for ranting. So for school my school ranks cla*ses. So this year I’m in maths 2 which is second best from maths 1 which is the cla*s where they take HSC early. I’m also in A science this year which is for the above average people. But I’m in B English which is for the average people. And I was above average for every single test except one. Last year I ranked 36/165 in my year. I scored 92/100 for my half yearly maths and 86/100 for my yearly. Which my parents find a huuuuuge drop and they screamed at me a lot. They also just got mad at me for not being in the accelerated cla*s where u do HSC early and the one just below it. So keep in mind last year was my FIRST year in high school with PROPER exams, being in a new school and making new friends. Which they didn’t take into consideration at all. And then they reprimanded me again for not telling them I was “falling behind.” Hmm I wonder why I didn’t tell them. Anyway thx for reading I sorta feel better and silly at the same time