Male, 17
Saturday, 14 March 2020

I cheated in my exams. The papers were leaked, my cousins and all my friends got the papers and they were sure that the same paper would come in the exam. I turned greedy,i wanted good scores though i knew i would do just okay n pa*s out even if I don’t cheat. I scored great marks but i am not happy. The one thing I cheated for was for me to be happy but somehow it doesn’t make me happy. Me and my greed went too far. I regret it. I regret cheating. My teachers are sure that half the students have pa*sed because they cheated n they know i also cheated...i lived with a good reputation in my school as a good kid but now i think i have broken my teachers’ trust. That’s what i wanted to confess, i was eating me, I couldn’t sleep, my head was full of these thoughts. I just hope that this would help me. I did wrong and i know it and i think i will forever live my life with this regret.