Male, 49
Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Off work today and my wife is at work and i cannot say this to anyone but i love my neighbor alot. i am in her house completly n*de and i just got probably one of the best blow jobs i have ever got. she took her time and during it her boyfriend called and she ignored the phone call. i am not as jealous of him now and yes when i came she swallowed again. it is not usual for me to have s*x with her through the week and i am getting ready to probably give her a*al s*x and i am going to tell her i love her again. she has not said it back yet but thats ok. about 15 minutes ago when she ignored his call that made me feel good. this is going to keep going on i had s*x with her during all the lockdown a quarentine bullshit and i helped her anxiety and stress. she owns me and i love my wife also but this woman i would do anything for. i felt her swallowing as i came in her mouth. she has before but this time she just took her time and licked me everywhere in that area. i am going to help her with her housework n*de of course then f*c* that cute a*s on her.