Male, 49
Monday, 20 April 2020

could not stay away. did my neighbors yardwork yesterday took out her trash and my wife got called into work and after i was done mowing my neighbors yard i went inside to see how she was doing and she knows she has a hold on me come up to me put her hands inside my shorts pulled them off and we went into her living room where i took off my shirt shoes and socks and this was the second time she gave me oral s*x but this time it was more pa*sionette and erotic. as she did it i pulled her panties down and put my fingers inside of her and i leaned back on her couch and i hate to say it but it was one of the best blow jobs i have ever got. i got close and told her but she kept it in her mouth and she swallowed almost every drop. then we just sat next to each other and talked. i want to tell her i love her so bad but i know this is more because she has been very lonely the past few months. she does not have internet or a cell phone and i know its a comfort for her even to see me naked. i know whats going on in the world but i just can't stop.