Male, 20
Sunday, 19 January 2020

Ill be a serial killer. But i have a motive. I will kill every single person who lied to me, abused me, bullied me, used me, and left me on my own. I'm already a top student, I know I'm good and kind to everyone, i help the homeless, i i donate to charities, i help my cla*smates, a*sist the teachers, and mostly considerate of peoples mistake even when they did their best, but to anyone who mocked me and looked down on me will eventually pay with their head. I already got suggested to a company that will help me financially, only thing left to do is be rich, get my equipments, and build my underground torture place where they will live their remaining useless lives, I already bought a land in a secluded area near the city. People doesn't know this but i remember and write every name, address, and, relatives of anyone who wronged me. I will not stop this, this will be my lifes work, if I see anyone being a b*tc* and a*shole to anyone, mark my words i will include them, even their closest ally.