Male, 28
Monday, 13 January 2020

I think I fell in love with my friend for benefits. We had great s*xual chemistry, I enjoy making her come multiple times . When she laid there with her legs shaking uncontrollably along with a satisfied smile on her face, I felt happy and could not careless about my own orgasm. She was the first person I have opened up about a tragic event in my life and we are starting to have deeper conversations. We are so comfortable around each other, it feels like 2 close friends... There is this 1 thought I have been keeping from her: I really want something more than just s*x. I could picture a perfect day with her: grabbing sth to eat, watch a movie together and her falling asleep in my arms. I would rather listen to her talking about her days and cuddle her to sleep so I could hold her tight and kiss her on the forehead than having s*x. My love, you always tease me by calling me this. I'm dying in to call you the same genuinely because I have feeling for you. It's f*c*ing crazy to have such feeling for someone when our relationship is revolving around s*x but I f*c*ing love you. I love all of the thing you hate about yourself. I love your smile, your hair, your natural scent. I love your devotion to your family. I love your kindness toward animals. I love all of you and I'm afraid of losing you, seeing you hurt. I love you and you just did not know it yet.