Female, 17
Thursday, 12 March 2020

I know my secret isnt anything new, nor is it particularly excitong, but its a secret few know and even less talk about so here we go Im a trans woman, trying to get out of the closet and get away from my family. The people who know my secret are few and far between, and they (along with everyone else in my life) see me as this composed and calm person who has all their stuff together. Truth is that I dont know what the hell im doing, im trying my best to transition, and be strong and enough, but I fear im not, and I fear that ive annoyed or angered those who care about me. I know it moght be me just overthinking, but I get so anxious and its hard to shake the feeling I need to feel guilty about something, despite the fact I know that what im doing (transitioning, moving on with my life, growing up) is good for me. Tldr : im a mess and im scared to show anyone how im feeling and get help Thanks for listening, M.S.D