Male, 49
Tuesday, 09 June 2020

I know this was wrong but while smoking a cigarrette behind my house this morning my neighbor came out and we were talking its going good with her boyfriend except for one thing. he is close to 70 and the other day she was going to have s*x with him and he had a problem getting hard and that was it. she said she is still seeing him but well i gave her what she needed after my wife left for work. we had s*x on hrr couch and kitchen counter. i admit almost every time i talk to her now i immediatly get an erection. i told her i loved her during s*x over the weekend and she has not said it back but i feel good she comes to me and of course it was without a c*nd*m which i am loving. she had her legs around me on the counter this morning as i came in her once again. and after we talked about normal things as put my clothes on and she cleaned the counter. she is 60yrs old and i have been making her c*m. i know i should feel guilty but yes for cheating on my wife but i feel good i am giving my neighbor s*x she needs.