Male, 50
Saturday, 13 November 2021

I have been seeing a new man that has introduced me to new experiences. was not sure about it at first but its bondage. a few weeks ago i met him secretly and he chained me up to the bed. my heart was pounding and it was like he changed during it. i love a*al s*x but there is a point where it does start to hurt and i told him you can stop but it felt like he went in further. and to my surprise i had an orgasm and then i felt him c*m in me. we both got blood tests after and yesterday i let him do that again. it has got all my attention and i am having risky s*x with him but he is very kind and nice but when he chains me up he changes into being rough and forcefull. yesterday after he forced me to give him oral s*x until he came in my mouth and it was after he was inside of me.