Female, 15
Thursday, 25 June 2020

i used my guy friend to make another friend jealous ;( so the story is that i had a crush on this one kid, m, but he had a girlfriend. me and m are like best friends. we’ve been friends our whole life. i used to have a crush on m. i got really jealous of m and his girlfriend, so i used my other best friend, c, to make m jealous. it worked and m and his girlfriend broke up, but for my selfish needs. at first i was happy, then i realized how bad the girl must’ve felt. i’m a horrible person i know, but i told m that i liked him and he told me he liked me but i told him we should just be friends, since i would’ve held the fact that i broke m and his girl up. this happened way back in december, but i still feel terrible about it. i’m sorry ????