Female, 19
Tuesday, 10 December 2019

me and my boyfriend had broken up recently but things are kinda complicated. we didn't break up on bad terms with each other were still currently friends. All of our friends and family knew that we broke up up with each other and they know were friends. But our secret is when its the just the two of us we still kiss and all the couple stuff. I don't why he still does that stuff with me. this break up is really hard for me because i really love him but then we act like a couple when were alone tbh it hurts me a lot but anything just to be close with him. i don't care what it is i just wanna be close with him still i dont want to let him go yet even tho how much it hurts me i just wanna spend every second with him till he moves on. And as mush as thats gonna hurt me i'm okay with it.