Female, 14
Monday, 25 January 2021

(I'm actually 11) I have 8 siblings in all between the two houses I go to and I'm the youngest, but I have a blood related sister and a half sister at my moms and when my real sister was 11 and my step sister was 14 they would smoke pot and all that stuff and I shared a room with them, and at the time to my mom would always get drunck with my step dad and the little kids we were we would always be like can I have some so usually they would let us have some, and mind you this my two siblings that I go to each house with we have all probably had a full beer with my dad because he did not really care either. But as my two sisters got older they kept doing that stuff and my real mom did not care but she kind of stopped drinking as much as she used to but now that I'm older my real sister does not like me but my step sister would always want to hang out with me and we would go places, and she's 20 and I'm 11 so her type of fun was going 25 mins out into the countrey to hang out with this guy and get drunck and have fun. So it was me this guy my sister and her friend and once my sister gets drunck she's all like you can have some so I was like cool I wanna see how it tastes so I ended up taking three shots of decila (dunno if I spelt it right) with that orange fanta soda. To be honest it was actually really good but I know I should not do that, and just last night I had half of a beer for a dare I actually feel bad for doing that one tho.