Female, 14
Tuesday, 04 August 2020

my parents introduced me to a family friend and i thought he was so cute so we started talking and we gave each other our snaps and started texting. then we all went on a trip together to california (my family and his family) and we had a lot of fun. we all stayed in this house type of thing and it was huge so we all had our own rooms and me and him went to the black sands beach a lot. he was lowk checking me out. anyways one night he knocked on my door and i let him in and he asked if i wanted to watch a movie so i said sure. he got under the blankets and i did too and not even 1 minute into the movie he asked what i wanted to do n i said what do you mean cus i didn’t wanna seem like a horny f*c* and he said yk what i mean so i said sure and we started making out and i got on top of him and he reached his hands into my shirt to take off my bra and he asked if i ever gave head before and i said yes because i didn’t want it to end so i got under the blankets and started giving him that gawk gawk 3000 and he was literally yelling like it was the best head he’d ever received and my dad knocked on the door and i said yeah n he said is everything okay and i said yeah and i think he knew what was happening. so anyways i continued and he started saying stop and he asked if i wanted to have s*x so i said sure and i took of my pants and he did too and he put his d*ck in and it was so uncomfortable. he had a c*nd*m with him so i guess he knew what would happen but moral of the story don’t leave c*nd*m wrappers on the floor because your brother will pick it up and ask your parents what it is