Male, 29
Thursday, 11 June 2020

Hey, I am hacker and I can hack anything easily. I been working for professional hacker for government more than 2 years. Before week exactly on 5th June I hacked my brother's girlfriend cellphone randomly without brother's permission. I go through her WhatsApp and Instagram Account and I found thousands of n*des of my brother's girlfriend which she has sent to someone and my brother is completely unaware of it. She already slept with more than 5 persons. And even I got many of videos of her which are very horny and naughty as f*c*. And then I thought to blackmail her because she has huge boobs with huge a*s and I eagerly waiting to f*c* her and finally I got an opportunity. So very next day on 6th June I send her some of her pics and videos with random WhatsApp number and blackmailed her to sent me more videos which and how I told her. I blackmail her badly and she was very afraid and she is ready to do what I say because she is good personality and even article model. So I told her that I want to be physical with you and finally she agreed. I told her to ask your boyfriend to handover key of his locked house in another nearby city which is ours. And my brother handled keys without any questions to her. Now I told her to be there on next day in night means on 7th June at exact 11:00 PM with and I want you in undress condition and tied ribbon on your eyes so you can't see me otherwise I will leak all your images to your parents and your boyfriend. She is that afraid so she agreed my all conditions and she really tied ribbon on her eyes. And I confirmed all the little things coz I already set cameras on morning that day coz I already has key of that house. All were set and I saw her from outside that she is done with ribbon and literally n*de and as told her face is toward wall on bed and in doggy style. As entered I saw her huge a*s which is really damn huge and hot. Now I have one more ribbon in my pocket and tied another ribbon on her eyes to confirm that she is now totally blind. Now I have start recording of my gopro and had s*x with her. After these all I thought to revel her secret to my brother and her parents but I don't wanna to ruin her life, so just decided to send some of videos to my brother and my friends and even wanna to upload on Xvideos, So I want suggestions of you guys that what should I do now? If you want a video just drop a comment below and I will find your email ID from this website database. Thanks..