Male, 49
Monday, 27 July 2020

I love the parks in my area. my neighbor is not having s*x with me now so i went to a local park after midnight and there were several cars there. i parked and took off my clothes and went to a picnic area with picnic benches. there were 4 other cars parked there and i decided to bend over one of the tables and wait. after a couple minutes one got out and walked up to me feeling my a*s. i gave him a c*nd*m and he got behind me and f*c*ed me as the other men watched. when i was sure none of them were police the first guy left then the other car left and only one guy there. i walked up to his car n*de and asked if he wanted oral. i got in his car he pulled his pants down and i gave him a blow job without a c*nd*m. i love being a man whore.