Male, 50
Monday, 16 August 2021

I had s*x with two men at a park after midnight this morning. was not sure when i parked because they were sitting in the dark. but i got out of my car i took off my clothes and walked over to a picnic table and began to mas*ur*ate. figured by that time if it was the police i would have been arrested. but i seen one get out of his car and walk up to me. the other guy started his car and parked in front of us. i already had his cock in my mouth then got up and bent over the table. i was not sure if he would because we did not have a c*nd*m but he did. our a*ses were facing the other guy watching in his car. it was dark but he could see me getting f*c*ed. then he pulled out and i felt him c*m on me. then no words he pulled his pants up and left. no one else there so i walked up totally n*de to the other guy in his car and lit a cigarette. i said quietly nice night he said yes it is grabbing my cock. i moved closer and he leaned his head out and put it in his mouth. i could see he was n*de. i said if you want to do more you can. he got out of his car and i bent over and then he f*c*ed me. i turned around and let his hand make me c*m. he left then i walked around n*de for about an hour then went to work. still hard thinking about it