Male, 49
Saturday, 04 January 2020

my wifes boss is also a part time realitor and yesterday asked her to ask me for help at a house he is selling to move two freezers left in the basement. well i went with him and after we got both into our pick ups we went back inside some small talk and we got on the topic of s*x. during it he asked if i was bi and i said yes. this was kind of akward for me this was my wifes boss. well after a little bit of silence i asked to see his cock. he is a bit older chubby but had a nice thick cock shaved. i leaned over and put it in my mouth. and after i s*cked him for a bit i got up took off my pants and bent over the counter in his ktchen and he got up behind me no c*nd*m and gave me some good a*al s*x. his wife does not know and not really sure i should tell my wife. its been a while since i had s*x with another man and i enjoyed it. i want him to f*c* me again. been thinking about it all week.