Male, 49
Friday, 22 May 2020

i have come to a decision and not sure if i will be able to do it. even though i love the s*x i have been having with my neighbor i know its wrong and i need to let this go and let her move on with her life and to be honest i am afraid if i have s*x with her again i will say i love you because i do. if my wife ever finds out hurting her is what i am worried most about but also if i say no to my neighbor i may hurt her so i will try to avoid her and hopefully the man who she is dating will continue to grow. this is honestly harder than quitting cigarettes. the part that is the hardest is i have done things with her that i never did with my wife. i often mas*ur*ate or have s*x with my wife thinking about what we did. the risky s*x oral s*x without a c*nd*m i thought i knew her until we had s*x and i am still shocked but very grateful that she felt safe enough to do those things with me.