Male, 18
Thursday, 21 May 2020

I secretly use my 163 IQ to try to help people on the internet that need advice but have nobody to turn to. I know how that is.. I self educated.. I self taught myself how to "people." I'm on the spectrum but nobody knows because I learned how to hide it until something bad happens and I need to act fast.. I guess I have a lot of problems on my own.. People I've dated mostly do so for what I look like and not what I'm capable of. They make a human mistake, like cheating on me, and they do such a poor job of it; their next boyfriend ends up being someone they can outsmart, so I guess bullets dodged. I'm not lonely by any means. I find my time spread thin between people I want to help and people I actually like. The problem is, most of the girls who I like dislike me for the way I look.. They a*sume since I have some genetic disposition for a preferable facial and body structure that I'm not worth the risk.. Talk about a catch 22. lol Anyways. I'm just trying to use the time I have on this earth to help good people (and some bad), and maybe my guidance will be my progeny; the way I carry on in the futures immortal ripple..