Male, 18
Friday, 04 December 2020

You, the person who taught me what it was to love, the person who made me feel that the physical is only the aspect, and that beauty is your way of being. You, who taught me what it was like to feel concern for another person. The girl who kept me awake for more than a day waiting for your message: I'm home. You, who taught me that crying does not make you weak, and that having fears is not bad. You, who taught me that no matter how many women appear in my life, that when one is anchored inside you, the only thing you will do is think about that person. And that no matter the distance or time, that when you appear again, you will always have a piece of me, that it will still love you, as one day did. You, who are always going to be my girl, I wish you the best, even if you are not by my side, even if you no longer love me, even if I am not the reason why you look at your mobile and smile with illusion. After all, the only thing left to say to you is... Thanks for everything, girl.