Female, 19
Monday, 09 December 2019

I went through a break up today I have never been so needy in my life for a boy to stay in my life because i loved them so deeply. Then again the break up was probably my fault, everyone tells me that it's not my fault but i know it is. The reason is that i would get so angry and hateful towards my ex-boyfriend. I would hurt him physically i know it was wrong of me to do but at the same time i couldn't stop myself from doing. it got so bad that he would have cuts and bruises everywhere and he would have to lie to everyone that he got them from work. I don't get why he stayed with me for a year i know that i was a toxic person and i would always tell him to break up with me because of it but he stayed. I dont know why he would lie to me that he wanted to stay with someone like me. ive hurt him many times but yet he stayed. i dont know why.