Male, 27
Monday, 11 May 2020

Hello i ve been dreaming to have this one woman i know since highschool as my wife and now that we eventually did s*x i don't know what she feels about me. She moved in with me some days ago and it started out fine but she caught me masturbating in the shower i know i m stupid for not locking the door but i wasnt expecting that she wouldnt knock the door. I cant blame her because i wasnt making any sound and the washing machine was on so she couldnt know. She was so shocked and run to her room i felt like such an idiot i quickly rinsed my body and left the fapping for later got dressed up and got in her room to break the ice. We had a funny conversation and i hugged her but as i was smelling her neck i couldnt keep my hands off of her she is so s*xy tall redhead with hourgla*s body i started kissing her neck and grabbing her a*s and waist i had a boner since she moved in. She tried to avoid me by going to the living room and she was talking on the phone with her parents and i couldnt contain myself. I was waiting for this years now i couldnt wait for another minute i rush in the living room teared her panties started playing with her clit and licking her like i was thirsty for 100 years and i could see in her face how horny she got her eyes were rolling and she couldnt even talk after she hanged up i dragged her to her room and continued eating her ended up having some great s*x she was tight af but we managed to fit it in. I cant forget the taste of her Pu**y on my tongue it wasnt sweet it was savory as she likes it and after i gave her oral we kissed so pa*sionately that my cock was crying i couldnt hold it anymore.( I c*mmed a bucket just for the info). I know that she doesnt like me i mean c mon i m not a handsome man but for her i can be the ultimate man she brings out wild enstincts in me i can stay up all night to satisfy her just to look how horny she gets... she helped me with many things in the past one of which was the pa*sing of my mum and she was there for me being a clown, a cook, a ma*seur etc she is just too amazing and i know that i might not deserve her but i just lose it when i think about her and when she is close to me. I m becoming insane slowly but surely. Thats a masterpiece of a woman that i just cant lose. I just cant i would go crazy. I really should know how she feels but if i dont like the answer i know i will be extremely irritated.