Female, 18
Thursday, 30 January 2020

I fell in love with a guy who fits all the traits I wanted in an ideal bf and I trusted him.I asked him out and he accepted me to be his gf.Everything was fine until he seems to be too perfect to be real tbh.A loving caring person but when he told me he's been single for almost 2 years.I doubted him but I didn't really care much until he gave me his pa*s to log into his instagram yesterday.A part of me didn't want to log into his instagram but the other part of me wanted to see what im missing out...So I logged into his account and I KNOW I SHOULDN'T SCROLL THROUGH HIS DMS..but the urge...i know in wrong but what i saw in there were a load of dms from girls who he stated as "friends" until i came across a dm which is from his ex gf...turns out they broke up around the time I started talking to him.He lied to me about being single for almost 2 yrs already..He told me he blocked his ex but he still follows her...he didn't wanna tell me who was his ex and yet I discovered it on my own...reading their texts...hurting my own feelings...I know i shouldn't have read it or even looked into his dms.Im sorry...but all the lies he told me...I can't bear it.It kills me knowing his true nature.Im ashamed of what I did...Im still in a rs w him,I haven't confronted him about it but should i? or i should just forget about it and move on? help me..