Female, 17
Monday, 08 June 2020

I've been manipulated by my own girlfriend that I manipulated her. there's so many problems with her while we're still in a relationship but I can't tell it to her as I'm scared that I might've pissed her off. now that we're almost done, I can say everything and every single thing bad that she's done to me, on how she's gaslighting me and stuff like that. but all I could know and she's making a villain out of her exes. and I'm one of them. she tells me that I'm manipulating her, first of she's the one who's been manipulating me, not me manipulating her. I'm so done with this, yes I might be a toxic person but you know; you f*c*ing know that I rarely show that side of me and you know for a fact that I'm just that "overreacting" person. but I won't gonna manipulate anyone, you are. just think about it. and now for all of the post you made about how toxic and manipulating I am, you felt bad because I'm crying to the fact that we break up? so you wanted to be back again the same day to broke up with me? are you just f*c*ed up to the max? tell me that's not some kind of manipulation tactic you have. if you're reading this, you're so good at manipulating people. thank you for making people hate me even that in fact that it's you f*c*ing me up to the brain and gaslighting me when I have a problem to share to you, you didn't helped me in any way, you're just f*c*ing telling me to shut up. imagine that.