Female, 20
Wednesday, 12 February 2020

I slept at my bestfriends house after we drank booze and in the morning she left me with her boyfriend (we all slep in one room and bed. Its a small house) to go to work. He was still sleeping but i has this urge to pinch his cheek so i did and then a stupid idea i kissed him on his cheek. (I was wearing his jersey and no under garments cause appaerantly i vomited on it. And they had no choice but to change my clothes.) I felt his morning wood after and it was bigger than my boyfriends i estimated that i need two hands to hold it by girth. He is still sleeping so i hugged him and he hugged me. I think he thinks im his girlfriend. I smell his faint perfume all over me and im starting to get wet. Then i slept a little bit i woke up in a bacon eggs toasts and hot coffee. He is the most caring man ive ever met. My best friend is so lucky.