Female, 16
Sunday, 16 August 2020

I've always been into older guys, i NEVER liked guys my age. When i was in kindergarten i had a huge crush on a kid's dad. It never really stopped. I touch myself and fantasize about my doctor fcking me long and hard, calling me his good little girl. Part of me likes to think he also thinks about fcking me. he's in his early 30s he used to talk with me about my depression. He unfortunately moved to australia. A s*xual relationship between a ''minor'' and an ''adult'' is very controversial and that's why it turns me on even more. My thoughts scare me sometimes, they make me feel abnormal and weird. I mean centuries ago it was completely normal to be in these kinds of relationships, so why not now. Humans are free beings, we shouldn't be controlled by dumb laws, i think its unnatural.