Male, 49
Friday, 08 May 2020

as i left for work this morning the same car was parked in my neighbors drive even though i am upset and very jealous and wondering what she has been doing with him she is an older woman moving on with her life and i am married and i think she needs to be happy with someone that i cannot do for her besides s*x. the s*x was amazing and i am glad maybe in a way help her move on with her life after her husband pa*sed away a few years ago. i will be doing her yardwork as normal over the weekend and i don't think she will be wanting s*x but if she does i am not sure i will be able to say no. part of it was the risk of being caught as my wife was next door foolish but exciting. but i think i need to just let her move on with her life and be ok with it even though it hurts like hell. i mean i barely slept again last night and this is extremely hard. i wish the s*x could continue somehow but its not fair to her or the man she is seeing i know that in me heart.