Male, 49
Tuesday, 07 January 2020

Never actually new i was bi until i was seperated from my first wife i was drunk alone in a motel on a hot summer muggy night late late at night watching porn and horny. i decided to go for a n*de swim in the outside pool and all the lights were off and a brick wall surrounded the pool. i looked around and thought no one was watching or around i dropped my towel and got in. after a bit i caught a man watching me and it scared me at first but then turned me on. so i decided to give him full view of everything. then he got closer i asked him if he was going to say anything and he said no so i told him my room number got out completly naked and hard and walked back to my room. i was only going to give him a blow job and i actually did not even know how to do it then. i opened my door and he came in already behind me with his pants down. i grabbed a c*nd*m and put it on him and got on my knees and started s*cking him. he was white average size and i think around 7. my room door was open for all of this and it turned me on even more knowing i could get caught but the motel was facing an open field and it was around 1:30 am so not likely then i think i was doing good because he was moaning and then he got me up and i think i figured out what he was going to do and i always wondered what it felt like and i bent over the table by the door and my whole body was sweat from the heat and i think it helped him go in but i spread my legs as far as i could and not going to lie it hurt andvwas very uncomfortable but i remember thinking i am having a*al s*x and he went in real slow at first grabbing my a*s which was a huge turn on and all the lights were off in my room but if anyone walked by my a*s was facing that way with him between me and i could hear as well as feel him going in and out. i was lightly grunting because i did notvwant anyone to hear but he started to go faster and the table started to bang against the wall and i was worried i was going to get caught but as he got closer he grabbed my upper hips and really started slapping against me then he pulled out and c*m on my a*s and some on my back. i got up legs almost shaking i turned on a light grabbed a towel and he watched me wiping his c*m off me. then he pulled his pants back up i gave him a beer some small talk then i layed down on the bed and he put i think three fingers inside me as i mas*ur*ated then shot on my stomach with him beside me. then he said thanks and left. did not know his name or anything about him. i just layed there on the bed thinking about it. i was just f*c*ed on a table. i think i mas*ur*ated a couple more times then went to sleep. it was my first time with another man and it was very erotic. he took his time and i love how he went slow at first then real hard. i have been with other men since but that time is still the hottest and i do think of it alot.