Male, 21
Thursday, 10 December 2020

I have a girlfriend aged 20 she has an ex boyfriend with whom she had relation when she was between 16 to 18 years of age me him and her were of same school. And my girlfriend said that she kissed him like once or twice and said I love you like countable 100 times or less. I knew that guy since schooling. And I hate the fact she was his ex. We are in serious relationship. But somewhere I don't feel it at heart sometimes. I don't want to marry her because of him I feel her as a second handed b*tc* sometimes. She is my first. But she's second to me. Sometimes one thing strikes my mind is that I want to kill her ex boyfriend and then marry because in no where in life I want him vanish from this earth. Else I want to leave her. I know this doesn't work. I want to be with her also not sometimes. Any suggestions pls how to deal this situation?