Female, 18
Tuesday, 04 February 2020

I really love my best friend, and it hurts me that I put more effort into it than him. We've been inseparable since we were 14, he was there for me and I was for him, always. Not too long ago, he met someone, that I think isn't good for him. So now, I got tired of seeing him self destruct, he plans on moving away with this new person and that's a very dumb idea because this person is like 9/10 years older than my friend, and after only a couple of weeks they're almost living together. I guess jealousy plays a part here, but most of it is concern. I got d*ck of him treating me as an obvious thing and taking me for granted, so I stopped texting first. Now, he didn't even realize. He cut everyone off, and is focusing only on this new person. I wanna be Close again but I'm too hurt to just let it pa*s